May 11, 2021


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 – Every year timeshare owners lose millions of dollars by hiring the wrong exit company. A lack of effective regulation has led to the proliferation of timeshare exit companies — many of which are not able to fulfill the promises made to their customers — prompting the Better Business Bureau to issue alerts and revoke the accreditation status on over 40 timeshare exit companies.”It can be difficult for timeshare owners to know who to trust,” says Gordon Newton, president of Newton Group, a leading timeshare exit company for over 15 years. “Many exit companies lure timeshare owners with elaborate marketing gimmicks but lack a stable business model. That’s why so many exit companies fold and, when they do, they take all their guarantees and money with them.”Newton says an astounding 25 percent of their clients (that’s 1 in 4 timeshare owners) who tried ending their ownership before hiring Newton Group, had previously hired another exit company which failed — costing consumers more time, money and the aggravation of still being locked in an unwanted timeshare contract.But there is hope. To help timeshare owners vet exit companies

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